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      Confession time… my underwear is falling apart.  The weak elastics are popping through the haggard threads and the beleaguered undergarments are hole-y… no, not holy, hole-y, full of random rips and worn out.  I really don't mind, they are very comfortable and they are certainly moulded to fit my body.  My socks are falling apart too.  The other day I was sitting in my lounge chair and my big toe was sticking out like some sort of prisoner trying to escape.

        So why, you may ask, are my garments falling apart?  The answer is simple.  I HATE SHOPPING.  No, I mean I really hate it with a vehement passion.  The whole ritual… avoiding the oblivious drivers in the parking lot, avoiding the zombie-like pedestrians that are filing out of the stores with their bags of STUFF, the boring pop music playing from the ceiling, the glaring florescent lights, the rows of endless STUFF, the smell of chemical products, the exchange of money for this STUFF that society declares you need.  I just find the whole ordeal unnatural.  So, I avoid it until the bitter end.

        Now I'm chuckling as I think of the promoter who recently told me that I need to cut my hair, dye it blonde, wear a miniskirt, and get a makeup artist.  Can you imagine his reaction if he read this blog?  Hahaha, ah this Raven Child does find the thought humorous.  I am the antithesis of girly… I have never dyed my hair, I don't even straighten it or do anything with it other than wash it and let it dry on its own.  I barely wear makeup, my nails can break for all I care, I really don't give a shit (I work with horses and play guitar for Christ's sake!), I don't even have my ears' pierced.  The only skirts I ever wear are the occasional long flowing hippy skirts on hot summer days because they're damn comfortable.  I don't like diamonds, I don't care about fashions or trends, I don't even have cable or satellite t.v. - I like older movies that actually have substance rather than the modern trend of weak plots covered up by special effects.  I think high heeled shoes are ridiculous, just give me an old pair of cowboy boots thank you very much.

        So, now you know a little bit more about this Raven for better or for worse.  Hopefully I can dispel the myth that because I'm a female guitar player I'm some sort of ridiculous sex object.  I am sick and tired of society's portrayal of women and how we're "supposed" to be.  I am a GUITAR PLAYER.  Period.  And for anyone that wants to change me into some glamorous foofoo bunny, well…

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