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People often question me on why I am referred to as The Raven Child, and why specifically do I have such an affinity to this mysterious black corvid.

I grew up in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where rain forests abide and the lush greenery of the west coast meets the crashing, mysterious shores of the Pacific Ocean.  Wildlife abounds; deer, bears, raccoons, birds of all types, rivers stocked with salmon - British Columbia is teeming with life and I was obsessed with every aspect of the natural world.  I grew up surrounded by the native Haida People and their spirituality based on Nature, especially the belief in animal representations of one's soul.  I discovered that the Raven is my "totem animal", or "spirit guide" and that the dark bird is nestled within my soul.  Indeed, my personality is entrenched within the persona of the Raven.

Many of my friends and fans alike know my song "Raven Child", which is a cheeky and playful self analysis of sorts.  One of the lines that receives attention from listeners "Don't ask me to smile/Don't tell me to smile/You ever seen a raven smile?" stems from one of my biggest pet peeves... people telling me I'm "too serious" and that I need to "smile more".  There is a frustrating societal trend that desires women to be smiley, happy, bubbly, outgoing beings.  That is not who I am.  I am a thinker and a ponderer of humanity and its place in nature.  This is a melancholy undertaking.

Do I love to laugh?  Absolutely.  Am I goofy at times?  Most assuredly.  So too is the Raven, cheeky and playful at times.  But there is much more to me and the Raven than that.  My music is a conduit of internal reflections of the human condition.  If you read my first blog post you will remember that playing guitar for me is a release of the burning ember that glows inside me, the Raven that needs to get out.  My job as a musician is to set my audiences free for a duration of time, and as such I turn to emotional honesty and depth to allow people to feel, thus releasing their own inner emotions.  The Raven, when doing its job properly, is a healer.

Music is a powerful art form, unique in its non-tangibility.  The passion, love, hurt, joy, tears, anger, sorrow and all that it can create is one of the driving forces of humanity... a universal language.  As such I am drawn to the deep, dark soul of humanity as my muse.  Within darkness one can find light.  Within the dark feathers of the Raven resided a lightness.
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