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        My next couple blogs are taking a rather narcissistic turn for the worst I cringe to report.  Many people are requesting to know a little more about me and as I am not even remotely worthy of a larger narrative of self explanation I figured I would try to answer some questions in blog form.

        So, if you care to learn about my humanoid person in a little greater detail, whether it be out of some mild curiosity or for more substance to snicker behind my back, stay posted.  You will learn why I have an affinity to ravens, how much I actually hate shopping of any kind, how I came to pick up my first guitar, my dislike for societal norms, how truly bizarre I was as a kid, my dream living situation, how horses became such a big part of my life, and other such trivialities that make up the oft described "weird" one I am.

        I apologize in advance for this seemingly self obsessed excursion.  However, keep in mind that I really don't like talking about myself at all as many of my friends know and I am already experiencing a sense of cognitive dissonance at the thought of revealing some of my inner sentiments publicly.  But I figure this can be a test of sorts to see how honest I can actually be for the very remote possibility that I live enough of an interesting life to one day write an autobiography.  Riiiiiiiiight...

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